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We are a small TICA registered Maine Coon breeder specializing in pet and show quality Maine Coons.

The goal of our program is to maintain or to better the breed standard and to focus on health and temperament of these gentle giants.

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Maine coons are large, affectionate cats who are known for being very intelligent, curious, and loyal.  Maine Coons have several special ways they stand out in the cat kingdom, with their majestic manes, bushy tails, and large stature (up to 40 inches in length and an average 18lbs weight).  Nicknamed “the gentle giant” of the cat world, they’re known for having a gentle disposition and being vocal.  Maine Coons are known to be easy to train. Their dog-like personality means it’s not unusual to see a Maine Coon cat playing fetch!  This playful cat breed continues to be playful well into their adult lives.  Maine Coons love human company.

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A Registered Breeder and a Member of TICA

Amore Furr Coons 

Pet and Show Quality Maine Coons

Located near Austin, TX

Please Join the Waitlist only if you understand the costs associated with obtaining a Maine Coon kitten and you are seriously interested in getting a kitten from us. 

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