About Us


Our love for Maine Coons started when we got our first two feline babies, Smitty and Smokey.  Both boys were adopted from a local shelter.  Smokey's distinct mane and friendly personality made us believe he was part Maine Coon (per theDNA test, he is only 16% MC!). Smokey has always had his favorite owner (me) and loved to play fetch.  After 10 years filled with love and happiness, Smitty got severely ill and has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  To fill the void and to add company for Smokey, we decided to acquire our first pedigree Maine Coon.  This is when our loving queen Fergie Furr (Furrgie) came along.  And the AmoreFurrCoons Kingdom has begun.

We would not be here without this boy. We are so thankful for all the laughs, love and joy he has given us over the years. He has changed our lives beyond imagination. He is greatly missed and will be for ever.

BFFs for life.

The "One", who fooled us to think he was a Maine Coon until we were proven otherwise :-) .

Smokey is now 13 years old and is living a dream life chasing after the little Coons.

Contact Us

Our cattery is located 45 miles NW of Chicago, IL, and it is our home.  Our cats are our pets and they live, sleep, and eat with us.  We do not have business hours.  We can make appointments for approved individuals who are seriously interested in the kittens we currently have available (after submitting and having an approved application).

You are also welcome to meet us during the upcoming TICA cat shows. Please see the TICA show calendar for dates and locations. Contact us to make sure we are showing on that date. We travel across US showing our feline stars.

We can also meet with you via a video-call and show you our available kittens. 

amorefurrcoons@gmail.com | Preferred Contact


When contacting us by email about a kitten, please include a little information about your previous experience with animals and your current household situation (other pets, live alone, live with kids or roommates, etc.).

Thank you for trusting us and getting your next feline life companion from AmoreFurrCoons. 

Best Wishes,